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Friday, March 4, 2011

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spike's Surprise

Spike has a surprise for me to darling baby boy guinea pig is actually a girl!
After comparing notes with Norman, I realized Spike was unusual for a male cavy. Males are usually bigger than females, and while Norman is both big and heavy, Spike is actually smaller than the girls! Also, males tend to have a strong urine odour, which is very true for Norman. My poor boy is very stinky and demands extra cage-cleaning. But Spike's pee is virtually odourless. I researched guinea pig sexing and looked at some photos. Then I examined each of my piggies (I felt bad violating them in this fashion), and I've come to the conclusion that Spike is a girl.

The fact that Spike rumbled when she met Pepe and Pene Lope and attempted to mount them seemed like typical male behaviour, but it can also be typical female behaviour. I know Pene Lope tends to give Pepe a hard time like this during a certain time of the month. I talked with Krista, the mommy Spike had before she came here. This mix-up was just a simple case of a missexed guinea pig. After looking at photos on the internet, she thought Spike was a boy, which can be a very common mistake. While some guinea pigs show obvious signs of being a certain sex, others look surprisingly similar to their opposite-sex piggy friends.

Good thing I never moved Spike in with Norman! Poor Spike is afraid of Norman and now I think I have an idea why: Norman is coming on a bit too strong for shy little Spike. ;)
I will be very careful from now on to check the sex of my pets just to be sure. I'm actually quite happy that Spike is a girl though - now she and the sisters can all play together, and hopefully live together in the near future. I will take Spike to be properly sexed by a professional just to be 100% sure though.

Updates are lacking at the moment, since I've been sick and life has been hectic, but I hope to get back in the habit soon of making regular updates. Unfortunately I have no new pictures since I need to get new batteries for my camera! But here is a little bit about what the pets are doing right now:
Pepe and Pene Lope are relaxing in their pigpen. Pepe is happily munching some pellets.
Spike is either sleeping or pretending to be sleeping. Nope wait - Jenny just came in and startled her. Now she's scratching.
Jenny's here, sniffing around and being nosy.
Gizmo's off somewhere doing cat things, probably sleeping in my bed. He woke me up very early this morning, now I'm sleepy!
Norman is relaxing in his cage right behind me, while all the hamsters and the rats are sleeping through this nice sunshiney afternoon. More cage expansions have been added for Luke and for Tic and Tac, so I will have some updates on that soon.
And that's that! This human is off to watch Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. It's one of those lazy days. Jenny will probably join me on the couch.

As for relevant links, if anyone needs some information on sexing their guinea pigs, here are some links I found useful:

Bye for now from all the pets and me!!! :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Few Furry Updates

Only a few things to report on this evening...

I've decided to name the new girl hamsters Tic and Tac, after two adorable dwarf hams I saw on Youtube. I still can't tell them apart though, so I'm not sure who's Tic and who's Tac...

Norman has mastered his first trick. He's much more eager to learn than my other cavies, and he quickly mastered the "stand" trick. He stands up on his two little back feet to accept a treat. I don't even have to show him the bit of food anymore, I just have to say "stand", and he does it. I'm very proud of him. :)

Now here's a few photos...

Pepe and Pene Lope's pigpen got remodeled. A cardboard box with one end removed and part of one side removed makes a nice little living room, seperating it from their dining room. Their house now rests atop their litter box, which deals nicely with the problem of them peeing in their pigloo! Oh and that wet spot on the towel is water...I need to get them a new bottle that doesn't leak. (I've since placed a shallow doggy dish beneath it to catch the drips)

Pene Lope eyes me curiously from her little living room where she relaxes with Friend Bear and a stuffed puppy and stuffed frog.

I spy little Pepe in a pigloo!


Pene Lope wonders what a camera is doing in her pigpen.

Pene Lope investigates the new setup.

Luke inside his "outhouse"

One of the ratties in the wheel they love so much. The two of them spend much time together excerising!

Norman turns a toilet seat cover shaped like a fish into a comfy bed! He's soo cute.

No wonder we go through so many vegetables every day....four salads for ten rodents!

And finally, Pepe and Pene Lope share a pignic on my Spiderman rug. :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Little Dwarf Hamsters, Big World

We have welcomed two new hamsters into our home, these little girls are approximately six months old and I'm happy to say they're DWARF HAMSTERS!! SO TINY!! I've always had teddy bear hams before, so this is new and exciting for me.
They look identical, so I may have trouble naming them since I can't really tell them apart...
They're both a light beige-peach colour, and the girls who owned them are in college and too busy to care for them anymore. I brought them home in their tiny hamster balls and put them in the Habitrail Safari cage I used for my dear Nibbles, who has long since gone to Rainbow Bridge. I attached some tunnels but I'm running low on those at the moment, since I expanded Luke's cage. Poor boy was getting bored and restless without a hamster wheel so I set him up with three hideyhouses and the Safari Maze. He might have to sacrifice a few things in the near future so I can give the girls some more room, but for now I'll let them be so they can settle in. Plus, Luke is fast asleep right now. The boy hams don't rise til about 7:00 or 7:30 every night. They need their beauty sleep.
I'll get some pictures posted soon, in the meantime here's a few links to photos that will show you the kind of housing my hammies have:
Luke's cage, a Habitrail Playground:
Luke's favourite hideyhouse, where he sleeps:
Luke's other hideyhouse where he poops (eww):
Luke's Safari Maze where he keeps his food:
Rocky's CritterTrail cage (the ham in the photo is not Rocky!):
The girls' Habitrail Safari cage:

Don't worry, I'm not playing favourites with my hamsters. Luke has so much stuff because Rocky is happy as long as he has his wheel, but Luke is more curious and also wheel-less, so he needs more stuff to do while he's in his cage.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Three New Baby Boys

The house is a little fuller now, with two adorable 4-month-old hamsters, Rocky and Luke, and a handsome 6-month old guinea pig, Norman. The cute little hammies came from a family whose kids had lost interest, and Norman came from a family whose 16-year-old daughter was getting too busy with school.

Rocky resides in the Crittertrail he and Luke came to me with, sleeping all days and running on his hamster wheel all night. I moved Luke into his own Habitrail to prevent any fighting as the two of them mature. He spends his days sleeping and snacking and his nights chewing on everything and trying to escape his cage. I take him out for hamster ball time, which will have to appease his excersise needs until I get him his own wheel.

I adopted Norman with the hopes of him becoming Spike's brother and cage mate, since guinea pigs are social creatures and happiest when living in pairs or groups. But so far when I let the boys meet each other on the floor while Norman was exploring and Spike was held in my hands, poor baby Spike seemed scared of his new brother. Norman, on the other hand, was very curious. Norman isn't at all like your typical timid guinea pig. Pepe and Pene Lope took a week or so to warm up to me when I first got them, and Spike is still nervous around me most of the time. But not Norman. As soon as he came home, he let me snuggle him, and doesn't show any fear when I let him out for floor time. On one hand, this is excellent. I don't have to worry about scaring the little guy every time I feed him or take him out for a cage-cleaning. On the other hand, I'm concerned he might be a little TOO outgoing for Spike..if they eventually cage together, he might end up bossing poor little Spike around.

I'll have to let them get used to each other gradually during floor time before I make any attempt at housing them together. Guinea pigs are a lot of work that I hadn't anticipated when adopting the girl piggies back in December. But regardless of this, I'm madly in love with them.

A lovely photo of Norman :)

Pig in a blanket! Norman loves to snuggle.

Rocky and his love, the hamster wheel. Look how handsome this ham-ham is!

I've yet to take a good close-up of Luke. This picture illustrates how puny little baby Luke is. He fits right in my hand!

Since I've now grown used to big chubby guinea pigs and forgotten how tiny hamsters are, I at first thought these guys were abnormally small...

For more photos, be sure to check out the Jenny & the Pets official photo album on Flickr.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jenny Gets a Haircut & the Piggies Get Presents

As you will learn on the FAQ page, Jenny is an extremely shaggy dog because she refuses to get a haircut ever since having a traumatizing experience at a poodle salon. But on very rare occasions you can calm her down enough around a pair of scissors to snip off some of her matted curls. Yesterday was one of those times. So far all I accomplished was trimming the hair on her head and face and taking a little off her back but already I have a boxful of hair that looks more like a small puppy.

I'm the kind of person who likes to recycle whatever I can, so I wondered if there was any use for Jenny's amputated hair. Especially since it's so amazingly soft. Upon searching Google, I found some suggestions for recycling pet and human hair. One of these suggestions was using the hair as stuffing for new pet toys. Since one of my constant concerns is that my guinea pigs are bored, I decided to make them presents. I found some scraps of fabric in the closet and selected a couple pieces of this soft fuzzy stuff with hippie flowers on it. Then I dug out some thread and a needle and set to work. Pepe and Pene Lope were the recipients of a nice little pillow the perfect size for a guinea pig head to rest on.
Jenny seemed a little puzzled as to why the smell of her own fur was emanating from this strange little pillow, and decided to attack it gleefully.

I decided to honour Spike's masculinity by making him a very manly cushion with lace on it, and he seemed to enjoy it very much after initially running away from it and hiding in his hideyhouse.
I plan to make them more presents in the future, but I'll need to practice a bit before tackling something a little more ambitious, like a stuffed animal or something.